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Sleep Serum: Rest & Relaxation for Your Skin

After experimenting with several versions of salves, I realized that this simple serum was my favorite routine before bed! Smoothed over my face and throat, it made every muscle relax, so I could fall into a blissful sleep - waking to soft skin that felt truly nourished!

The ingredients start with a base of Olive oil infused with the following herbs: Plantain (reduces inflammation), Comfrey (which contains allantoin, a substance known to aid granulation and cell formation), and CBD; all grown, harvested, and processed here At Dream Barn Hollow. This is supplemented with Camelia Seed & Pomegranate oils, CytoD + K2.

The added essential oils were chosen for their specific purpose & positive properties, too:

  • Blue Tansy: for  living in alignment, personal mastery, becoming  purposeful & inspired

  • Clary Sage: for clarity & vision, spiritual discernment, intuition & imagination

  •  Helichrysum: for healing, courage, transformation

  • Jasmine: for healthy sexuality, intimacy, balance, and self-acceptance  (or Vetiver to cleanse and purify negative energy;  for grounding, centering, and attracting abundance and prosperity)

  • Juniper Berry: for peaceful dreaming, feeling protected, overcoming fears of the night & hidden aspects of Self

  • Petitgrain: Ancestral connection, cultivating healthy traditions & positive family connections

  • Yarrow: energetic safety, protection, strong boundaries, and the ability to relax and receive

  • Ylang Ylang: healing, joyful, and innocent

In the evening, before bed, I smooth a few drops onto damp skin after washing my face…everything relaxes, so I can gently drift off to sleep!

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