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Personal Services

My life's purpose is to empower you in being and becoming more fully aware of your True Self.


I use a variety of tools and techniques to achieve this, and I'm looking forward to providing specific and personal assistance to you.

Human Design Reading

Human Design is like a personal blueprint

Channeled by Ra Uru Hu, Human Design is a synthesis of Astrology, the I-Ching, the Chakra System, and the Kabbalah. The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd takes these concepts to the next level.


I first learned about Human Design in 2017. Intrigued and true to my ‘Heretic/Investigator’ Profile and heart-defined, four-motor Design, I set out to learn everything I could about this brilliant system to unlock the secrets of our true selves.

I offer readings and expert overviews of Human Design Charts for individuals, couples, and groups – identifying the unique imprint of tools and opportunities available individually and in relation to others. This powerful self-awareness modality makes way for the Gene Keys, which clarifies further the individual aspects of each Gate.

Q17 Session

(Ancestral Clearing)
A Q17 session is multi-faceted. 

Each Q17 session is a journey. In-person or remotely, I take you through the steps to clearing personal and ancestral traumas that create density and limitations.

Here’s how a typical session works:

Discovery Communication by and through your ancestors assists in determining and communicating what would be helpful for you, as a proxy body, to clear and release on behalf of your lineage. This process itself is like the shape of a Q; the tail of which creates the breaking of the circle/cycle.


Grounding Visualization prepares, anchors, and strengthens your energy field.


Inquiry Calls for your active response and participation in clearing. You, as a proxy body, will ideally choose to answer with a resounding ‘YES,’ when that moment arrives.


Opening As all 12 chakras expand, space is created for energies beyond polarity to enter and repair, including ‘Q17’:  “Quantum energetic frequencies of Unconditional Love to balance & harmonize  Heart, Consciousness, Will & Body” -that is to say, filling you up with love and light!


Integration‘The Sovereignty Statement’ acknowledges your choices and anchors the power of your co-creation in this human experience.

Divining & Geomancing

Harmonize Your Environment

Clearing stagnant energy from and bringing balance to a geographical location, home, or property can improve health, shift negative frequencies, and even facilitate sale/purchase. (One woman had her property on the market for 7 years and then sold it within 10 days of my work!) I offer help with clearings, locating lost objects, and other energy-related matters. 

My process includes working with the Genus Loci, Elementals, ley lines, and history; clearing and removing non-beneficial energies and entities – all to allow enhancement and cultivation of the Earth's subtle yet vital force fields.  

As a Lifetime Member of the American Society of Dowsers, I served as the President of the Living Waters Chapter from 2014 until 2018. A frequent presenter at the ASD convention, I also hold Geomancy gatherings, collaborating with others on the understanding of earth energies.

Aura Photography

A window to your inner Self.

Aura photography is a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera that takes a photo of your dynamic electromagnetic field. The photo taken is a window to your inner Self.

Each chakra shown in the photo reveals a particular aspect of your personality and has a specific meaning for you.

Invariably, when I take an aura photograph, I also receive additional insight from  Divine Assistants, Ancestors & Angels (the “A-Team”) as to balancing and unifying your energy to align with your personal mission and purpose from the perspective of Spirit. This can provide you with insight and inspiration about how to harmonize and magnify your energy field.

This service is only available in-person.

Christiane Northrup, MD

"Alice [Buchanan] is a phenomenon. I have experienced her work personally and highly recommend it. Sheer magic"

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