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The Tesla Table

Powerful frequencies to bring you into alignment.

This amazing table first appeared on my radar with its inventor Paul Esch, at the American Society of Dowsers Convention in June 2022. Paul is a very spiritual and humble man excited to focus on the healing of humanity and making this table as accessible as possible to as many people as he can.

This year (2023) Paul returned to Dream Barn Hollow for another visit. We filmed an interview with the local television station, traveled to various healing centers, and introduced this magnificent invention at Holistic New Hampshire’s Evolution Expo and the Salitter Center Grand Opening.

The table has been such a hit that I now have one permanently located at Dream Barn Hollow.
The main components of the Tesla Table are:
  • The Tesla coil with a 12-pointed Star (which keeps the unit from overheating)

  • 6 lightbulbs filled with Noble Gases

  • A monitor that can be programmed for frequency, color, and charging homeopathic remedies

  • An LED color light array for chromotherapy


Kinesiology, the Rife frequency manual, and/or Divine Intuition are used to determine the most beneficial frequencies, which are then programmed into the monitor, as well as the length of time on the table.  


For legal purposes, no claims may be made that this table ‘heals’ people. That said, I believe all healing is Self-healing when the right circumstances are presented because, as BJ Palmer stated: "The power that made the body heals the body."


People have risen from the table feeling more relaxed, clear, calm, and peaceful. Additionally, there have been some amazing testimonies about Stage 4 cancer being eliminated with regular sessions over the course of 5 weeks.

Are you curious? Ready to take the next step?

Please, get in touch and set up an educational and/or healing session!

We will be in touch soon!
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