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Tools & Resources

In addition to the Tesla Table, I use a variety of healing techniques and technologies to assist in clearing, and bringing our guests into alignment.
Vogel Crystals

Whether you’re looking for a wellness workshop to reduce employee stress, a program for patrons or a “lunch and learn” discussion on Resilience, I will deliver a dynamic experience along with quality outcomes for your organization, school or library. One-on-one coaching is also available.

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Core Harmonizer

The Core Harmonizer uses music, nested geometries, and specific materials to create a coherent and harmonious information field. The music, which comes from an internal Bose speaker, resonates up through the geometric chamber and out and up through the top and sides, creating a peaceful environment.

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Cell Phone Harmonizer

This piece of technology was designed using specific materials to harmonize and transmute the EMF cell phone signal. The composite material is a matrix of specific materials and geometries that are designed not to block the EMF signal, but rather change the spin field to one that is harmonious.

CoHere Mat

The Cohere Meditation Mat is much more than a meditation tool. This mat assists in elevating the body's physical frequency to more closely match one's own unique energetic blueprint of the ideal self. This frequency elevation prompts the release of stress and emotional blockages, which in turn leads to a greater sense of peace and renewal.

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Necklace Harmonizer

This Harmonizer Necklace transmutes disharmonious, man-made EMF into a coherent, right-handed spin field. The necklace holders are 3D printed with non-toxic plant based filament.

Want to learn more about these tools?

Please, get in touch and set up an educational and/or healing session!

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