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Professional Services

I have been fortunate enough to speak at several conferences and lead a diverse set of workshops and classes far and wide.


Here, I have listed a sample of offerings, any of which I would be happy to bring to your venue.

If you would like me to present or are looking to host an event, please contact me!

High-quality Printed Aura Reports with Photo, Analysis & a Message from Spirit

Aura photography uses a high-tech biofeedback imaging camera to capture your unique electromagnetic field. The photo taken is a window to your inner Self. Each chakra shown in the photo reveals a particular aspect of your personality and has a specific meaning for you. 

Invariably, when I take an aura photograph, I receive additional insights from Divine Assistants, Ancestors & Angels (the “A-Team”) that balance and unify your energy to align with personal mission and purpose from the perspective of Spirit. This valuable download serves to harmonize and magnify your energy field.


8 Factors: Considerations for Conscious Communication

Psychics, mediums, and channels know there are many ways communication can happen. When eight factors are considered before conversations, even greater reception, comprehension, and transmission can occur. When people align for the ideal translation of ideas and concepts, misunderstanding is minimized, and impeccable wording is increased.

This class introduces these eight factors, clarifying ways to fine-tune personal reception to receive information, as well as how to present important insights easily and clearly.


Ancestral Clearing Circle:
Quantum Trauma Healing

 “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive at this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”~Thich Nhat Hahn

Feeling blocked? Stuck? Frustrated? Lacking motivation, passion, or creativity?


Through ‘discovery’ communication by and through your ancestors, they can assist in determining and communicating what epigenetic energetic (and often traumatic) imprint would be helpful for you, as a proxy body, to clear on behalf of your lineage.

Our intention is to create more internal space for joy and enlightenment by becoming aware of the emotions and/or patterns showing up in our lives (that motivate or trigger us) and then releasing them with intention.


The Colored Doors: Pathways to
Our True Nature

Whether or not visualization comes easily to you, together, we can access a vivid portal to layers of your subconscious. During this divinely inspired event, we take a journey through forgotten and unhealed aspects of Self, finding new pathways to clarity, expansion, and truth. This visually driven experience gives participants access to heart-brain coherence, energetic rebalancing, and activation of new aspects of Self.

This is not a traditional guided meditation. It is a DNA activation using a Core Harmonizer, a device that transmits the energy of sacred geometry, healing sound, and light frequencies. After we conclude, there will be an opportunity to share, incorporate, and synthesize our shared and unique experiences, insights, and downloads.


Divine to Align: Q17 & The Proper Care and Feeding of Heart, Consciousness, Will, and Body

How do you strengthen and nourish your complete Self? What is food for the heart, consciousness, will, and body? What are the nutritional requirements to sustain and support spiritual development, emotional wisdom, and mental clarity? 

This presentation explores these four symbiotic dimensions and the energetic attention and soul food they require. Additionally, I discuss the expanded chakra system, Lightbody, and Merkaba, awakening new possibilities in meaningful ways for beneficial growth and activating individual empowerment. 

There are “recipes” to assist awareness of what real nourishment looks like for you and how the right choices can be rewarding and satisfying at every level. An enlightened menu happens gradually as you become wiser, more awakened, aware, and alive.


Divine & Psychic Alignment: Acknowledging, Adjusting, and Adapting Heart, Consciousness, Will, and Body.

How can we stay in a coherent place of balance and equilibrium, even as personal, familial, and societal foundations shift and crumble?

Navigating change can be daunting or invigorating, depending on one’s perceptions and personal emotional baseline. Useful tools can help you build awareness and learn to recognize, process, and liberate denser frequencies. This allows space for higher, lighter vibrations, which carry you into a place of greater ease, alignment, and flow!


Geomancy: The Study and Understanding of Earth Energies

Bringing balance to geographical locations, homes & properties may include working with the Genus Loci, Elementals, ley lines, and history, clearing and removing non-beneficial energies and entities. 

From feng shui and dowsing for water to the enhancement and cultivation of the Earth's subtle yet vital force fields - this presentation will give an overview of considerations and address possible solutions & corrections. 


Elemental Collaboration: Benefits of Conscious Human & Elemental Communication

Rudolf Steiner describes four groups of elementary beings (Elementarwesen): the gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. 

The ‘beings of the elements,’ whose redemption depends on man's mode of perception; the beings responsible for the rotation of the earth (i. e. from east to west), dependent on man's willing; the beings responsible for the waxing and waning of the moon, dependent on man's feeling; and the beings responsible for summer and winter (the sun's apparent movement between north and south), dependent for their redemption on man's mode of thinking. (12 April 1909 in Spiritual Hierarchies, [Note 88])

In this class, we will learn how to best engage with the Elementals, working with them to their strengths on our own behalf and that of humanity.


Mysteries of the Alphabet & Alphabetical Blessings: Acknowledging the Consciousness of Each Letter

Inspired by Vimala Rodgers & Marc-Alain Ouaknin, this presentation provides an overview of all energies that support each letter. Practicing handwriting with this awareness can impact positive change in your life.


Q²A²: Quantum Questions Alice Answers

'Oh, I've had such a curious dream!' said Alice, and she told her sister, as well as she could remember them, all these strange Adventures of hers…’

Since awakening from this ‘dream’ that has been passed off to us as reality, we are beginning to remember who we really are. Now we are required to maintain personal integrity, stand for authenticity, and safeguard our Sacred Energy. As we share truth and awareness, maintaining balance for Heart, Consciousness, Will, and Body, we strengthen ourselves and the collective. This gathering is an opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and see what new awareness emerges. 

Curious? I welcome questions, as they invariably bring new information to Light.


Your Synchronized, Sovereign Self: Becoming Aware of Energetic Impacts & Divining Priorities for Optimal Experience

Moving into Higher Dimensions means becoming more aware of all aspects of who we are. Now is a brilliant time to remember, empower, and co-create consciously at every level of our Quantum Selves. 

There are many ways to stay synchronized and, as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi frames it, in an ‘optimal experience’ or ‘flow.’ You may divine daily what to prioritize to stay balanced, healthy, and joyful.

In this presentation, I  provide an overview of a few things for consideration and integration: Human Design and the Gene Keys; Numerology; Biodynamics; Balancing the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Domains; the Chakra System (with DNA and Lightbody activation), and Timing.

I can't wait to work with you!

Tell me more about where you are, what you are doing, and how I can help. If there are any subjects that have piqued your interest, please let me know...

We will be in touch soon!
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