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Joint Compound

I’ve created various salves and love to feel the essence of my garden flowers and herbs being absorbed into my skin! 

This particular salve was first created in response to a request for a healing salve to address body aches and pains. You can imagine how hard I laughed when I wondered aloud what to name it - and the Divine Guidance came: ‘Joint Compound.’

For this latest batch, I combined three types of oil (Olive, Avocado, and coconut). Then, I infused them with over 50 types of CBD and lilies, chosen for their frequencies: Angel Invocation, Divine Assistance, Divine Love, Divine Beauty, Entity Clearing and Protection, Goddess Alignment, Harmony and Ease, Legal Success, and Safe and Harmonious Travel.

The added essential oils were divined & added for their specific frequencies, purpose & positive properties, too:

  • Bergamot: for self-acceptance, optimism, confidence, hope, lovability, good enough

  • Black Pepper:  for emotional honesty,  authenticity,  courage,  motivation,  self-awareness, integrity

  • Cassia: for courage, self-assurance,  confidence, value, authenticity

  • Blue Tansy: for  living in alignment, personal mastery, becoming  purposeful & inspired

  • Eucalyptus: for being able to heal,  being well,  liberation, responsible,  encouraged

  • Frankincense:  for becoming enlightened, loved, protected; having wisdom and discernment, being spiritually open, and connected to the father

  • Lavender: for open communication, being calm, expressive, self-aware, peace of mind

  • Peppermint: for being optimistic, relieved, and having the strength to face emotional pain

  • Roman Chamomile: for being purposeful, guided, peaceful, fulfilled, relaxed

  • Rose: for being compassionate, healing, tender-hearted, accepted, empathetic, receiving Divine love

  • Sandalwood:  for humility, Spiritual devotion, spiritual clarity, stillness, connection to higher consciousness

  • Spearmint: for confidence, articulate communication, clarity, courage

  • Spruce: for vitality,  health, strength, well-being

  • Sweet Marjoram: for being emotionally open and connected, soft-hearted, loving

  • Wintergreen: for being strengthened; being willing to surrender and rely on Divine grace; and non-attachment

Here is a sparkling endorsement from Polly for this great stuff:

"Oooh...your joint compound just kicked in. Every step hurt today in this rain...has to be the energy included in these storms. I'm reclining in bed, and it stopped hurting where I put the rub. Thanks for that!"

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