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Pluto. Retrograde.

It's Friday, April 29th, 2022. Happy birthday, Trent! So glad you are here to celebrate with us and talk about sound/cymatics this weekend!

Seems like so many things are happening so fast, I barely blink and days have flown by...

This is such an opportunity to stay fully present to see what shows up in every moment.

We're in an on-again/off-again gray period, biodynamically, so I've done a bit of garden clean-up, waiting to plant again until Monday to think about 'roots.'

And though I had planned to be stacking firewood again today, there was an issue with the conveyor belt, so that's on hold...I'm quite happy to have this pause.

Numerologically, it's a '3' day, so it's a perfect 'party day' - glad to have finished baking a cake for the birthday boy tonight!

In Bridgewater yesterday, I was greeted with a cup of Earl Grey and ginger cookie the size of my head. I continue to be amazed at how often the Universe gives me feedback in ways I find meaningful!

Have you been noticing little signs, yourself? That you are navigating fluidly with Divine Guidance? I love it when I get the number 117!! Or this from Pam Gregory.

All in time for the energy of this weekend! Pam Younghans writes: "Pluto's influence is very strong, due to the dwarf planet going retrograde on Friday.

When a planet comes to a standstill, it is like standing on the platform as the train comes in; as the train gets closer, the vibration gets stronger. When it is finally standing still in front of us, engine engaged, we feel its vibration most intensely.

It seems cosmically designed (imagine that!) that Pluto is stationing the day before the Solar Eclipse. Pluto is the agent of transformation, taking us through a symbolic process of death and rebirth. Its added strength this week should help us move through issues that need to be resolved before we enter the portal of the eclipse."

Turns out, it will be retrograde until October 8th! Whew. Further, the eclipse is tomorrow - with New Moon in Taurus. Pam further explains, "Changes that occur at this lunation will likely play out over the next six months, until the partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25."

Lisa Verschoor shares this: " This New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunct) in Taurus rules finances, what we value, stability, real estate, and art. Taurus represents most of what mankind has built on Earth to cultivate lifestyle. It also highlights the exquisite nature of Gaia's beauty and emerges in the essence of sensuality. The practicality of this sign calls us now to reprioritize goals and seriously evaluate sustainable resources. This eclipse event is a time of planting seeds for change."

So, with landing in the middle of Gate 24 ("The Return"), it's good to realize this is all about "Rationalization; Inspiration Must be Given a Rational Form... The natural and spontaneous process of transformation and renewal. Rationalizing is a risk and a test of the Spirit. There is no proof or experience, only knowing."

Have a wonderful weekend! If you'd like something fun to's this video about Time Travel, this interesting lecture with David Straight, and this interview with Jared Rand.

(PS: This last photo is Pratt's Barn in's so fun to be part of this process!!)

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