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Outer SPACE? Flat Earth?

It's Thursday, September 30, 2021. This makes it an '8' day, numerologically - busy with business!- and a 'flower/gray/leaf day', biodynamically. If the day has felt challenging, it may have been because the moon has been Void-of-Course - ALL DAY LONG...and won't move into Leo, until 8:53 tonight. It could also be "Gate 18.5 - Today's theme of help and be helped; Work on what has been spoilt."

Perhaps you've noticed there haven't been daily blog posts? Yeah.

As I move in and out of timelines (spending time away and traveling, and home harvesting) my life is feeling more and more surreal.

Do you have touchpoints that keep you anchored?

Things that you know for 100% to be true?

Have you heard, read, or seen anything that is making you question everything?

Harvesting is keeping me focused, thank goodness; it's a natural rhythm and cycle of nature that feels real.

It was an adventure harvesting hemp for making CBD products: salve, face serum, etc.

Tomato jam, sauces, and juice; pears, plums, peaches...the plants and trees have done well.

While I prepped, stirred, cooked, I listened to this long and fascinating documentary:

It was wild to realize that while I had heard of some of these ideas - others were so far out that I had to suspend disbelief....

Almost as wild was finding 'The Lost Gospel Q,' which contains the original teachings of Jesus. Since I've had my own experience with Q - and before I learned of the Q movement, I might add - I was intrigued.

Inspired, I decided to host a presentation to share my experience. When? On 11.7 (yes, that number holds special meaning for me!)

Timely, too, as Gene Key 18 is: The Healing Power of the Mind with: (Shadow)Judgement – (Gift)Integrity – (Siddhi)Perfection.

Today's energy of Gate 18.5 is "Left Angle Cross of Upheaval 2; Godhead - Christ

with Line 5 - Therapy

The strength to recognize a problem and to accept that it is beyond one's power to solve it alone.

Exaltation: The wisdom to both seek and provide guidance. The potential for correction and judgment through relationships."

What does your relationship with the Divine look like? Maybe it's time to rekindle that friendship....

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