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Motion Sickness

It's Monday, July 12th. It's a '6' day, numerologically (were you able to engage in some group work?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

Also, we have moved into Gene Key 62: The Language of Light

(Shadow)Intellect – (Gift)Precision – (Siddhi)Impeccability

Today took me (without a cell phone! Long story, with components of withdrawal) to Hinsdale, NH. to work with Stacie and Sue.

It was a recon mission of sorts, for an upcoming Geomancy project, where we identified a number of issues based on observation and intuition:

  • choking, overgrowth, emerging subterranean roots

  • judgement around 'desirable' vs. 'undesirable' (plants/species/other)

  • Issues around re-enactment, nostalgia, reliving the past

  • feeling unable to hide

  • Merging new understanding into current timelines

I also found the railroad spike and this terrific stone...

By the time I arrived home, I felt a bit 'off' and realized there was so much I had brought home! In a call with Z, I was able to clear a number of issues (including the above-mentioned) - and I am still reeling from the impact.

From various other conversations I've had with folks today, this seems to be a theme: motion sickness. Nausea. Assimilation of the flow of natural (and chronological) time.

It might be helpful to eat something, yet nothing sounds appetizing.

It might be good to get grounded, yet the weather is dark and damp.

Perhaps this is a good time to pause - can't use my 'intellect' to figure it out...need to allow Body to rest, recover and be.

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