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It's Thursday, August 6th. How funny that every day as I write the date - I literally have to verify it is, in fact, this day. Ha!

It would seem that today's theme is about mirrors....

This started when I read a quote by Rabbi Harold Kushner: "God is like a mirror. The mirror never changes but everyone who looks at it sees something different."

How true is this?

What a fabulous way to understand the perfection of everyone.

And what an interesting way to bring ourselves, as we peer into a mirror.

Last week my cohort was given an article to read: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema.

This is a fun experiment, if you have not had the chance to read it - do!

How did you respond?

Did you figure it out?

(Hint: consider today's theme)

Did it surprise you?

It made me think of these titles, too....

I love the different ways I see myself reflected!

Sometimes it can feel more challenging than Rumi's quote:

"We are the mirror, as well as the face in it."

My goal today is to stay heart-centered enough to love everything that shows up as a reflection of me, remembering that even though it feels like an unusual reflection, there is something there to consider and/or discover.

Can we reflect that much love?

Are you willing to try?

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