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Merging & Emerging

It's Sunday, July 11th. It was a 'leaf' day, today, biodynamically...and tomorrow until 7:00am. We'll be moving into 'fruit' at 10:00am. Numerologically, this '5' day really was about group work and adjustments!

Being that it was the Second Sunday, I prepped for the Clearing Circle at 3:00pm.

I'm again revisiting the concept of chronological time vs. natural time.

Today's group was definitely an example of merging timelines, as new people emerged to participate at our Clearing Circle; of the 13 people who arrived, six were new to the process.

There were several key issues that arose to be addressed:

  • the inability to understand and recognize our humanity and the role of humans in the Universe

  • failure to recognize and embody individual purpose, and/or acknowledge and work with those who do know their purpose

  • Failure to recognize and acknowledge the role of all elements (Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Ether, Plasma) in their life-giving & life-supporting capacity

  • more...

Again, as we move out of Gate 53 and into Gate 62, I consider the work that has been happening on an individual level, within small groups, and as part of the greater collective.

I mean, just look at the interview between David Martin and Rainer Fuellmich!

We are busting old paradigms, coming together with new ideas and insights, and participating in co-creative ways. Exciting times, yes?

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