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March Forth!

It's Thursday, March 4th...and you all know I love a good pun!

It's a '3' day, biodynamically (wear yellow!) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically.

I had a great conversation (potential future podcast?) with Chris today, who does not shy away from discussing hard subjects. No cognitive dissonance here!

As we chatted, another batch of oil was infusing on the woodstove.

It has been really helpful for me to have practical, grounding, useful projects to focus on during this I might otherwise be spending way too much time online, playing Nancy Drew, to figure out what all is being disclosed right now...

We know the story, right?

And yet.

It's like watching a movie (or reading a book) you love - again.

I stirred together the various oils, essential oils, and wax; this batch of salve is specifically and intentionally created to address and soothe joint pain.

It cooled enough to send a jar home with Chris, who was pleased to feel some immediate relief. It's good to be able to discern the difference between when it's okay to be a 'guinea pig,' and when not.

(We all know I'm referring to the untested RNA-altering operating system that is being passed off as a vaccine, right?)

Why is this so important?

Well, the Universe is generous and lessons are repeated until they are learned.

Can we remember this - and then use it to our advantage?

Today is Gate 63:Line 4 - Memory "Exaltation: The detailed accounting of the achievement process whose information base can prepare a new order for the future. The pressure to explore the doubt in detail as a foundation for eventual formulizing."

I'm preparing for new orders in the future...

This lovely salve smells like a forest: pines, firs, and spruces - and a little goes a long way.

Made in small batches with love; feel free to visit and try, before you buy!

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