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Humming Along

It's Tuesday, March 30th - and gorgeous and sunny here! It's an '11' day, numerologically (Master Number! Connect in with Spirit!), and moving into 'flower,' biodynamically after 7:00pm.

We've also jumped right into Day 2 of the 21st Gene Key: A Noble Life;

(Shadow)Control – (Gift)Authority – (Siddhi)Valour

Here's Richard Rudd's Thought:

"True authority unites rather than controls. This can be understood well by the archetype of the master and the servant which is the bedrock of our societies. Some of the deepest relationships are formed between one person in a position of authority and another in a position that appears to be submissive. However, if both parties in such relationships are as deeply in service as each other then their relationship transcends its social stereotype of dominance and submission. In order for such relationships to work, both parties must be equally in service to the other. If this is the case, the relationship can be mutually beneficial and potentially very powerful."

My 'Noble Life' today included some time in the garden....

As it got warmer and warmer, I started shedding layers of clothing. In the process of raking I was uncovering various layers of new growth, too.

There has been so much discovery on so many levels, I can hardly keep up!

One thing that I am grateful for, is my inner fortitude for being considered 'crazy, weird, woo-woo,' as others are starting to have experiences that are shifting their belief systems. Is your being shifted?

Like Ruthie, spotting numerous Unidentified Arial Objects as she was "looking westerly, towards your barn."

Or Anarka, who started getting headaches from her new WiFi, thought of me and my aluminum hat (yeah, remember that blog post??) and emailed to say, "I figured I could block the 'rays'. I crawled under the desk and covered only front of the modem as there were so many wires it would have a been a long job.. I was just testing.

MY Internet connection was totally knocked off-no service.. whoa! I pulled the foil off and back on it went...I just thought I'd share how efficient that aluminum foil is ! Amazing!!"

I suppose it is in keeping with Gate 21:Line 2 - Might is right

"The legitimacy of action in response to flagrant and persistent interference.

Exaltation: Powerful and extreme reaction. Here, the severest action will be the most successful. The legitimate rejection of interference on the material plane."

We've been dealing with a lot of hidden interference - this is where we get to creatively design solutions in alignment with our Higher Selves: tin foil WiFi blocks, sacred garden space,....what else?

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