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Finding Peace

It's Tuesday, September 14th. I seem to have blown through Labor Day (and Happy Birthday, Charis!), the 9/11 weekend (and Clearing Circle), and the heavy energy of yesterday - Monday.

Today has been a 'fruit' day, all day (so I've been harvesting tomatoes and making sauce); Numerologically, today is a '1' day - all about new doors and beginnings.

It's been good to have a day to catch up on some 'home' work. Truly the pace of things has felt a bit extreme for the last few weeks!

That said, I have done a really good job of refraining from most (even alternative) news.

There have been a few interesting videos, like this one on Orgone Energy - and this one on good communication and how to awaken friends & family, that I'm happy to share.

Instead, I have been practicing playing a faux didgeridoo, doing recon for the next Geomancy project, and figuring out how to mow the lawn, in between rain showers.

I've made small trips: Saratoga, Argyle,

Charlestown. In Argyle, I met the goose who laid this lovely egg...

....and I've considered how grateful I am for all of the unique, talented, and interesting people who keep showing up here at the Barn. I feel so blessed on so many levels; even in moments of complete emotional pain and anguish, I realize how grateful I am for this life, for these friends, this 'Famiglia.'

As we move into Gene Key 6 (tomorrow): The Path to Peace, I realize again how important relationships are: (Shadow)Conflict – (Gift)Diplomacy – (Siddhi)Peace

Rudd reminds us: "The 6th Gift has the effect of instantly applying the required amount of give and take in order to maintain peacefulness.

As an example, if one person in a relationship becomes aggressive, the diplomatic countermeasure is to absorb the aggression and then pass the energy back without adding anything to it. This may be done in any number of ways, but tactful honesty is one of the most common. Honesty carries an extraordinary power and is one of the keys to diplomacy. The other key is timing. You have to be honest in the right way and at the right moment" (Gene Keys)

I'm hoping that since I have this Gene Key in my Human Design, these next few days will be a bit easier. After all, I've had the chance to work with them for my whole life up to this point, with every relationship providing an opportunity for reflection on how I'm growing.

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