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Eucalyptus Wormwood & a New Moon

It's Monday, July 20th and a New Moon in Cancer at 1:33 pm - right before the moon goes Void of Course at 1:55 pm for a few hours. And it was already hot at 5:00 am, when I woke up.

I am so grateful for this day to pause and consider what to intend and manifest for the coming month. How are you planning to honor this New Moon?

According to Jan Spiller, Cancer Moon is good for making wishes about FOUNDATIONS:

home, family, safety, growing, intimacy & caring skills, feelings/moods, nurturing, and releasing insecurity.

Is it time to strengthen & solidify your foundations? Release anything that is undermining them?

I have been using the Eucalyptus Wormwood tincture for about a month, now. I've found it extremely helpful on many levels...

Physically, the Wormwood addresses the digestive tract and parasites.

I loved what Andi shared:

"Thank you for the wormwood, and your beautiful energy.

I’ve been taking the wormwood ~3x a day. And... NO MOSQUITO BITES! They’re buzzing around me. I’ve seen them land On my pants. Normally I’d have a rash of swollen welts all over my body by now, since I’ve previously been mosquito candy and slightly allergic to them. I am in gleeful shock!"

Energetically, Wormwood assists with releasing what needs to go - including energetic parasites. Eucalyptus adds another level because it addresses clinginess, defeatedness, despair, a desire to escape life (or responsibilities) and feeling powerless to heal or be well. It encourages the release of attachment to illness and anything keeping you from claiming wholeness and health.

Can you see the connection I am making? I feel the whole world would benefit from this.

The Big Voice "told" me to "Make a LOT." I am so pleased I listened, as I'm only now realizing how powerful it is.

This timeframe and tincture are here to work on our behalf to level up. Are you ready?

Let me know if you want to purchase a bottle - I still have some left.

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