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Celebrating Litha

It's Sunday, June 20th. Today is a feast of events: Jupiter is moving retrograde and the sun is entering Cancer. It's the Summer Solstice (also known as Litha), as well as Father's Day.

Also, it's a '4' day, numerologically (are you feeling this boundless energy?) and the last 'root' day for a bit.

I was excited to share some of this sunshiny day with a lovely family. Whenever I have friends visiting from away, I enjoy introducing them to the Path of Life Garden.

Since it was a lovely day, and Father's Day, etc. I wondered how busy it would be?

Turns out - not busy at all. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

As I watched this Father/Son relationship, I was struck by how loving and caring it was.

What would it be like to have all children raised in this type of nurturing environment?

It was a hopeful, wistful sentiment - and further underscored by the poster above:

"Today's Mission: to be so busy loving life, that I have no time for drama, regret, hate, worry, or fear."

After saying farewell, I drove through Bridgewater for a quick visit and garden tour.

Here, another visionary gardener and stone artist has expressed himself creatively in multiple ways.

I appreciated both the stark, sculptural aspect of this tree, as well as the many homes it provided for small critters. (I love them more in someone else's garden - not eating my strawberries!)

When I arrived home, tired and content, I began small tasks that might be completed, before the end of the day...

All in alignment with the Gate for today:

"Gate 15.2 - Today, honoring your extremes is key

Line 2 - Influence Exaltation: Modesty and right action result in enduring standards. The capacity of the Self to accept its extreme nature as correct."

Have you found yourself stretched - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually?

Maybe as a parent? (Happy Father's Day, all of you dads!)

Consider that this is also an opportunity for loving yourself and this life.

Summer is a season of growth, after all!

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