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It's Thursday, November 11th - "Veteran's Day." I'm sending out a big hug to every soldier, past and present...with a sincere wish that we move beyond the need for war. That said, it feels important to maintain vigilance, personal sovereignty, and a sense of conscious empowerment over one's own experience.

As I think about the ways I've grown - even in the past month - I am grateful I can revisit the past with (mostly) a sense of neutrality. Today's calendar image is a reminder of the time I spent in Colorado when my father worked for NORAD.

What work did he do for the military?

I don't know. I was too young.

Where did this bunker lead?

Is there any connection to the other DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)?

Who knows?

..I'm doing my best to bring my personal shadows to light.

Today we move into Gate 43: Breakthrough.

(Shadow) Deafness - (Gift) Insight - (Siddhi) Epiphany.

My personal epiphany came this morning, as I realized that I am becoming super sensitive to word choice. Knowing that words create, I am choosing to direct my own consciousness by speaking into existence the words I wish to experience....even as I hear, experience, and heal unconscious (gapped & denied) shadows and trauma.

Occasionally, I realize I have not yet achieved emotional neutrality and there's more to clear; ultimately, though, I feel like I'm seeing some amazing progress!

For today, Gate 43: Line 1 is about

the fortitude to be patient.

This is the "Gate of Insight"; Listen to Your Own Inner Voice Exaltation: The recognition that new forms cannot be established until resistance has been eliminated. The depth necessary to bring into form an individual insight."

Choosing to consciously co-create means constant reflection of how I'm doing in every interaction - with people, animals, nature. I'm seeking out joyful, enlivening experiences, while patiently holding the balance of contrast.

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