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Yummy Yama

It's Saturday, April 3, 2021. It's a '3' day, numerologically (did you radiate joy and share it with others?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically. Tomorrow is another 'fruit' day, too.

I was thrilled to have gotten some uninterrupted sleep last night and started the morning off with a few phone calls. It seems like the growing Network of Lightworkers around New England does a really good job of keeping in touch with each other - emails, phone calls, spur-of-the-moment visits (just know that you risk finding me still in my jams!!)

I was so happy to then get outside to do a little garden prep/clean-up; two more beds raked and more wood stacked.

Around late afternoon I headed over to Lebanon, for a 'last supper' type visit with Stacie, who is heading out shortly to her next job in Arizona.

We decided on sushi - seems to be a favorite choice for both of us!

Have you been to Yama's?

I've loved eating there in the past; right now they are doing take-out only.

As we ate, she told me the route 'They' (Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors) wanted her to travel. It's so fun to wonder what will show up for her, en route...

Stacie is an amazing example of aligned Free-Will and Divine-Will; she trusts that the work that needs to be accomplished through her, will become clear, as she travels.

We finished our delicious dinner and did a round of clearing around: aneurysms, bigotry, parental abuse/neglect (it seems that lots of

fathers have assembled beyond the veil in an effort to make amends), and curtailed childhood freedoms.

As we arrive at the end of this Gate 21, we move through the energy of Line 6 - Chaos "Where ineffective action leads to disorder. Exaltation: The war of attrition. The continuance of legitimate action in the hope of eventually succeeding despite all odds and increasing disorder. Where the ego is out of touch, the display of will power leads to disorder."

Have you been feeling, seeing, experiencing 'increasing disorder'?

Perhaps you are holding faith that we are succeeding, despite all odds?

As Passover ends (today) and we celebrate Easter (tomorrow), I feel that right action aligned with Spirit is more important than ever...however we choose to celebrate!

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