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It's Saturday, February 27th. Happy Un-birthday Tony & Katya!

Today is a '7' day, numerologically; a day to 'look within and receive answers'. Also, it's a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

Last night some friends and I watched 'Yesterday.' I love sharing fun movies with interesting themes.

I'm still enjoying the idea of parallel timelines, where we tune into other dimensional realities and access all of the information, skills, talents, etc. that we need to bring forth the work for right now.

In this show, Jack got bumped into a timeline, where he and two other people remembered the music of the Beatles, although those songs didn't exist in the 'new' timeline. So he, as a musician, brought the songs into being.

Right now, Stacie and I are making various herbal remedies: a facial serum for restful sleep, and a calming serum for the nervous system.

It's amazing to be 'tapping into' the dimension where we know exactly what to add to the herbal oil infusions.

Earlier this morning, I cleaned out my WhatsApp account before deleting it, because the updated policies mean even less privacy. I saved some photos...

These were two from where I grew up in Germany: Fell an der Mosel....from my 'yesterday.' I clearly remember singing Madness's song: "Our house, in the middle of the street..."

Old family memories. What were yours like?

Today is Gate 37:Line 5 - Love "Natural and unaffected devotion to the family. Exaltation: Natural harmony and perfected sharing. Natural harmony and sharing possible through friendship."

So, with tonight's full moon in Virgo, I am happy to consider all of humanity my 'family,' which feels much more inclusive.

Yes, there is further collaboration.

Yes, there are still aspects to harmonize.

Yes, it's time to connect in love and friendship...taking us from yesterday, through today, and into tomorrow!

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