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Wormholes & Molehills

And just like that - we're here!

First day of June, new month, new week, new Gate (#35: Wormholes & Miracles)....

As I was pondering what to write about, I felt an energetic shift in the room that was so huge, it shifted things in the recycling container across the room. I chuckled, remembering that while working upstairs with Mark, yesterday, I came down to find a brass bell had been toppled off the shelf...

Are you aware when these shifts happen for you? Do you feel the expansiveness of it all?

More than anything, I'm looking at the way things are being coordinated through me - and all I need to do is show up with amazement.

This goes for the big things and the little things. The MICROCOSMS and the macrocosms. I can choose to keep things in perspective and not make mountains out of MOLEHILLS.

Deciding where to focus my energy and attention. Have you heard the expression:

"Where your attention goes, that's where energy flows"?

There are ample opportunities to create miracles these days: literally feeding worms to improve soil in the garden here and now- as well as traveling back in space/time to change history and heal ancestral trauma.

When I look at creating my day, I like to include a few things to look forward to...the anticipation is exciting. (These days, it's often a simple cup of tea midafternoon in the own Wonderland tea party!)

If plans change, I still have had the opportunity to focus on something that filled me with joy, which keeps my emotional baseline high!

How do you keep yourself fulfilled? Where are you focusing your attention and energy?

What does it take to get you back on track, when you feel like you've been knocked for a loop?

As we navigate summer, it will be increasingly important to stay flexible and cool-headed. Keep practicing with every tool you have. And stop for a cup of tea, when you feel the need!

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