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Wishing Well

It's Tuesday, April 26th, 2022...and I am surprising myself by writing again. Especially at this evening hour. It's been an interesting winter, to be sure - and as I move into spring, I realize how comfortable and comfortable transitions are becoming. Winter to spring; one moment to the next; one geographical location to the other...

More fluidity. Have you noticed, too?

The last few days have been a perfect example:

Saturday: a lovely chapter meeting with the West River Chapter of Weston A. Price at The Field House in West Townshend, VT.

A quick follow-up visit to Saratoga Springs (yes, I seem to get pulled back there repeatedly!) to meet friends at Christine's new store.

Perhaps the most important component of this visit was to see the Springs and have a clearing and blessing of the water...

Followed by an amazing dinner at Scallions with some marvelous diviners and friends.

The Clearing at the Springs preceded our first Geomancy event for this year, which took place on Sunday in Saxton's River, VT.

Starting with 8 people (with many more connecting energetically and remotely) we honored the water, tuned into the riverscape, and pondered the missing fountain...was there one in the middle of the town? What happened to it?

This event was definitely a powerful blending of intention, clearing, singing & chanting...all to honor water. All water.

The fountains. The wells. The springs. The rivers. The ponds and lakes, streams and oceans.

I loved hearing feedback from folks in other states, who noticed an energetic shift in their own water body!

Then, as further confirmation, I found this video posted yesterday about the ways in which springs and wells were honored in Medieval Times.

As I finished stacking my second cord of firewood today, I felt the urge to honor this '9' day with a fire. It's also the last day of Human Design Gate 27: Nourishment; Gate of Caring: Care for Oneself First.

Gene Key 27 is: Food of the Gods: (Shadow) Selfishness – (Gift) Altruism – (Siddhi)Selflessness.

Richard Rudd comments that 'Giving releases the current of healing.'

I'm wishing you all well.

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