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It's Wednesday, July 28th. This morning already feels like it happened a week ago...

Numerologically, it's a '4' day (were you organized, hardworking, and dependable?), and biodynamically, it was a 'leaf' day.

I woke feeling like I had gotten enough sleep for the first time in ages (yay!). Then - I had a call from Sue and Stacey, with whom I had initially conducted recon for the Hinsdale Geomancy Project.

They had a fascinating story.

It blew my mind, connected dots, and explained why I had received the request to clear 'Waterlogged Caskets' the other morning. Yesterday, actually. So. Long. Ago.

Apparently, after we had first driven out, they returned to the Hinsdale House, which is the home of the Hinsdale Historical Society.

They met a lovely woman (maybe the same one who spoke with us?) who offered to take them on a tour of the place, which they accepted. The learned that the original owner was a judge, who treated folks with 'mental disorders' by placing them in hollowed logs and submerging them into freezing water in the river.

I was speechless. Obviously I was somewhat on the right track...just needed further clarification, as someone on the Other Side needs this whole insane traumatic process cleared.

For the rest of the day, I thought about this story - even as I stacked the last cord of firewood (thanks for helping, Chris!), returned calls, and mowed the lawn.

This is also why it would have made sense, that we would need to 'bring the heat,' right?


Okay. I'm gonna keep trusting the process....

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