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Watch the Water

It's Friday, April 30th. It's a '3' day, numerologically (have you stayed in harmony with everything in your life, today?), and a 'fruit' day tonight through 11:00am on Monday. I made eggplant parmigiana for this evening.

This morning started fairly early (still raining) and I was glad to get a moment to walk around the garden before the rain really started up again.

I loved seeing this sweet little double Bloodroot - making its presence known.

Then I wandered over to the peonies and got them trellised (they'll need the support later on) and down to the river.

When Brandon arrived, there were a few quick things that were completed (mirrors hung, shelves anchored, etc.) and then I was on my own to clean up. The bathroom is (apart from a towel bar and the toilet paper holder) done!

As I worked, quietly and efficiently, I thought about today's "Gate 24:Line 4 - The hermit Transformation that can only take place in isolation. Exaltation: The discipline and focus that assures renewal. Aloneness enriches the potential for rational thought."

I was grateful to be alone with my thoughts.

It gave me a chance to explore some emotions that needed room to emerge.

Just like the element of water (and a few of my emotions), the river was raging again today. I'm watching it....

Thank goodness for this evening's potluck and the lovely folks who came to listen to Dave share stories of his experience at the Joe Dispenza Retreat. We also practiced one of Joe's meditations together.

Do you meditate? What does that look like? How do you feel?

I'm off to meditate now - which usually ends with me falling asleep...

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