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It's Wednesday, November 4th. It's nearly 8:00pm and this country is still waiting to hear what the election results are. I woke feeling very calm and curious.

Interestingly, today's Human Design nailed it:

"Line 6 - Aloofness

Exaltation: A perfected renewal in which the establishment of a new form inures one to the condemnation of the rejected. The awareness of patterns which ensures one's instinctive well-being."

Then, I found a very interesting email from Amy Jo Ellis.

She wrote: "I am requesting some assistance, because never in my life have I felt the tension around the presidential elections that I feel this year. People like myself, who are sensitive to energy movement, can "Really" feel that this election is different.

Emotions have been much higher.

Please assist me in correcting the energy in the United States regardless of the outcome of the election.

I, _________ place myself, ___________ into a Full Court of Atonement for the purpose of correcting any and all detrimental energies within a 5-mile radius of where I am standing.

I ask to purge the United States with divine, pure, holy love!

If it feels good to do so, you can repeat that call, increasing the size of the radius by 5 miles each time.

Because the energy is so dense, I am being limited to 5 miles. I can usually easily ask for 100, so this is intense."

Have you been watching? Have you been nail-biting? Have you been feeling the intensity?

Yeah, me too.

As it turns out, I had one person after another call today - a Web of Light-Workers responding to the 'call.'

The range of emotions was extreme.

The Clearing Protocol was up-leveled.

The amount of clearing that occurred was huge!

Now, as I see what is happening, it makes sense. We are allowing the corruption to become fully and completely exposed.

This is not going to happen overnight.

This may take a week or more.

It may get ugly.

What to do?

Use ALL your tools!

Ho'oponopono. The Court of Atonement.

The Clearing Protocol.

Be in nature. Use a salt scrub. Take the Eucalyptus-Wormwood tincture...

Ultimately, do your best to remember this is the best story ever written! And we are living it!!

How cool is that?

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