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Violets & Scapes

It's been a hot Monday, June 22...and it started early!

I stayed in bed, savoring the hypnogogic state until I felt like I had a firm grasp of every bit of information and energy that needed to come through. The energy feels electrifying!

Do you have a dream journal? This is also the time when dreams can still be fairly easily remembered...and communication from loved ones, who have passed.

My father and a number of other friends (including David!) had shown up with info.

I felt very grateful to have a moment to debrief with Tara and Katya - both wise women, who were able to provide validation around the information I had received. As I worked on the Clearing Protocol Short-Cut, writing down the new information, I realized that we are all Cosmic Programmers that have entered into this Game of Life to perform a Systems Override, Reboot, and Recoding Process - from inside the game...whew!

Picking violets helped ground me.

Did you know they are edible? And have highly prized medicinal qualities?

These happy little volunteers are free to grow wherever they show up in my flower beds!

There are a number of color variations, too...

I picked until I felt a few raindrops and brought them inside to create a tincture.

Since it is a flower day, I also opted to harvest some scapes. Do you know about scapes? They're the funny top part of the garlic plants - and if you let them grow, they make a flower.

Apparently, though, if you harvest garlic scapes, the energy of the plant will go towards making the bulb bigger. Pretty cool, huh? In my book, it is a win/win - because we get a little taste of garlic early!

Aren't they such fun? Almost sculptural.

Harvested, they look like a mess of green noodles - and smell heavenly and garlicky.

There may be some scape pesto in the near future! It's terrific mixed with mayo on sandwiches - or tossed with pasta.

I did leave a few for another day...

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