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It's a sunny Monday, this April 20...and I am choosing to be outside. There is still so much garden clean-up! Doesn't it make sense to do it in the spring, though? When I rake in the fall, I still end up with leaves that blow around everywhere. It's no small task- and I love it!

I've found there's something about moving the big muscles in my body, that facilitates my thought processes.

Do you have a favorite way to get lost in thought? To access ideas and insights?

Have you ever had something show up that shocked you?

Today I had an intense realization: I have principles that are getting in the way of my integrity. Ugh! What does that look like, you ask?

Okay. Let me explain. I don't consider myself a 'quitter.' If I start a project, a venture - or a relationship, I give it 110% - sometimes longer than it's shelf life. I'm not usually the one who quits or leaves (willingly). I do my best to 'keep on keeping on', so to speak.

Here's the thing: in Human Design, I am a heart-defined, 4-motor generator.

(What is Human Design, you ask? Well worth researching! It's a terrific system to give you insight into how you function the best.)

What this means about me, is when my heart feels the value or worth of something, I have all 4 motors to fuel energy towards it. I'm like the Energizer bunny that keeps going and going and going. (Ok, More like the copper top - ha!).

Now, I am realizing that there are things that just don't feed my soul or make my heart sing, the way they used to. Some things are easy to let go: I'm not interested in watching Hollywood movies/ Netflix anymore. Not interested in eating anything that doesn't 'feel' right to my body. I'm not listening to any music that has lyrics that are less than uplifting or inspirational. And I take proactive responsibility for my health, rather than looking to allopathic medicine or big pharma.

Now, it feels like I'm being called to address the next issue: do I stay in an educational program, when I learn that it, too, is part of a corrupt system? Even if I have years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars invested? What do you think? It's a tough call.

Maybe it's time we create a new educational my heart will love.

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