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TGIF July 17! Yes, that is "my number," which is another form of "8." I claim both!

Do you identify with a certain number? Do you know what it represents?

Here is one fun place to look...

I started my day calling VTEL and speaking with Joel about how to install the new router.

It is tiny - about the size of a smoke alarm - and I am glad that it takes up even less space than the previous one.

Are you aware of how much heat

routers, wifi, and cell phones put out?

It is pretty fascinating! I have it on a slate cheese serving plate so the stone absorbs the EMFs. Really, any flat stone works.

Then my two VT. College friends arrived. We go way back...

Are you still in touch with friends from school?

It's always fun to catch up and then decide what intention we'd like to work on together energetically until we next connect in person.

There was laughter and tears.

At one point, Elaine wondered who she was, she was changing so much.

With so many emotions, I took some time to really smudge after everyone left.

After running a few errands I came back and started working on prepping for the painting project (isn't that great alliteration?)

I moved some old bottles out - aren't they fun?

And I thought about looking to see if any of them were valuable.

What is it that makes something old and buried into treasure? Are they valuable?

Unlikely, I know. Still - it's a fun Nancy Drew type mystery!

As I took the art of the walls, I thought about Elaine's comment and how we are all changing.

This piece for instance - is my work from more than 25 years ago.

How on earth did I ever find time to cross stitch?!

Are you feeling the change? Changed? Changing? Are you rolling with the accompanying emotions? Are you emerging a part of you that feels old and buried?

...May be treasure!

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