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Thrive On...

It's Flag Day! Monday, June 14, 2021. Maybe it's patriotic enough that the House and Barn at Dream Barn Hollow are red, white, and blue?

Numerologically, it's a '7' day (whose color is purple - ha! Red+Blue=Purple) and biodynamically, it's a 'leaf' day (I have been drinking gallons of tea....)

It was mostly gray and rainy today, so I was happy to mostly stay inside for laundry, making more cheese, catching up on a wee bit of cleaning...

And realized that there is still a chance to watch Thrive II for free through June 20th!

I did venture out this afternoon, though!

I moved the foundation for two hives.

The other day I had a 'hit' that they would thrive in a different location, so I moved the cement blocks and frames up to inside the (currently overgrown) chicken yard.

As I worked (weedwhacking, laying down an old carpet, setting up old boards, aligning the frames, etc.) I found myself moving things - and then moving them again, until it felt right.

When I then checked with my Divining Rods, they were at a double intersection of Underground Water. A Water Dome?

I then placed some Shungite (experimenting with keeping mites away!) and came back inside, while Brigham placed the supers.

All in all, it felt like I was keeping with the energy of today:

"Gate 12: Standstill; Line 2 - Purification Rigorous withdrawal from negative influences. Exaltation: The discipline to maintain a pure state. The expression of disciplined social caution."

So....what does the rest of this week look like?

Maybe today was a bit of reprieve?

It is certainly interesting to be aware of some of the issues happening behind the scene: Erosion of Liberties, Vaxxxidents, and the Senator Update.

I'm grateful there are folks who have not given up on sharing the message. It's felt (at times) disheartening to speak out when it all sounds so extreme.

More conspiracies, Alice?

Ahhhh...let's shine the light on anything that is holding us back from our capacity to THRIVE!!

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