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Three Things

It's Tuesday, September 1st. I changed the calendars and noticed that today and tomorrow are 'Flower Days.'

On the first of the month, I often pull a few cards to see what shows up. Especially now, with everything happening - it's interesting to see the reflection of the macrocosm in the microcosm.

As I debated which deck to use, I came across this little note:

How many of you write fave quotes and affirmations on post-its and stick them around your space?

I ended up choosing three decks: one card pulled from each deck. I'm just posting the card and some you can draw your own conclusions and inspiration.

(Deck: Elemental Tarot by Caroline Smith & John Astrop)

A majestic, golden male figure with hair drawn back into the pigtail of a warrior holds a scepter in the head of a lotus flower, from which flows a stream of concentrated creative energy. The throne holds the plume of Maat, signifying truth and justice.

"A mature, successful, and self-made businessman. An influential and creative entrepreneur. Helpful to those he believes have talent and ability."

(Deck: Tarot Apokalypsis by Erik C. Dunne & Kim Huggens)


"A unified idea, principle, or concept of the world around us; unifying principle; cosmic order; organisation of otherwise ineffable concepts; the necessary foundations for knowledge; paradigms; logic; observation; communication, thoughts, ideas; ideas at the very nascent stages; thought before action; wisdom and knowledge; giving form to something; providing expression for an idea; the beginning process of discovery; law; objective truth."

(Deck: Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

O, you living in the world of six directions, accept the gloom and accept the bliss, for those seeds buried in the ground will one day grow into fruitful orchards. Rumi

"We share her, the Divine Mother. You and I, we are her precious children. We are born through her love and she shares in our losses and our gains, our tragedies and our triumphs.

Her hair forms the galaxies, her thoughts become the stars. The sun is her own warmth and her breath is felt upon the earth, causing the roar of the ocean waves.

Her voice is heard in the call of the whales and the trill of the birds. She is all, nurturing life into existence. She is in my reaching for you and she is in your acceptance of my divine hand.

She is all, this great lady. Nothing lies outside of her sphere of influence and power, compassion and grace. That includes you and your dreams, great and small,my angel of love."

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