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Merry Christmas 2020! This has been an unusual Christmas in many ways and yet, I am considering the many ways it has been metamorphically, metaphorically perfect.

This is a trick, huh? To hold all of the ways it's NOT like 'Traditional Christmases Past' while finding ways to appreciate the ways we've made it work; finding something - anything - to be grateful for?

This is so perfectly aligned with this week's Gene Key: 58 (Shadow)Dissatisfaction – (Gift)Vitality – (Siddhi)Bliss

Richard Rudd writes: "When awareness arrives, it’s as though the most beautiful dawn has come into our being. We become a cultivator of seeds, and we use the experiences and sufferings of our life to bring more light into our heart."

Sometimes I don't even have an awareness of what I might need or want, until after it shows up.

I'm so touched by the thoughtfulness!

Gate 58: Line 1 - Love of life

"Exaltation: The very stimulation of the world is the basis of an aesthetic appreciation of its beauty and wonder. Alone or shared with others this profound inner realization is the key for a joyous harmony with the process of being. The energy which fuels the love of life."

I've spent plenty of time playing with the shadow 'dissatisfaction,' in the past.

Now, I'm at a point where I know how much we bless each other with a smile, a kind word, an idea...

Take just a moment to consider every person you may have ever had contact with over the course of your life. Everywhere in the world.

Pretty amazing how far-reaching, huh?

I spent a little time this morning, sending love to as many people as I could remember and think of.

Wherever you were, I hope you felt that little energetic hug!

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