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This Little Light...

It's Sunday, January 24th. Today is Human Design Gate 41:Line 4 - "Correction; Successful adaptation to limitation. Exaltation: Survival of the fittest and its eventual flourishing. The energy for adaption and a deep feeling for survival. Detriment: The expenditure of energy on maintaining relationships rather than on correction. In times of decrease weak associations are shunned as costly, no matter how attractive. The energy which fuels holding on to feelings rather than adapt."

I've been really reflecting on this "Gate of Decrease/Gate of Contraction"; where "Patience is the Great Virtue."

To me, the last few days have felt very dark and dense. Have you felt this, too?

I realized we have hit a really intense timeline...because at some spiritual level, we were ready. What do I mean, you ask?

Well, as I was discussing with Sue, today, we are the light. This is 'bioluminescence.'

Each one of us carries frequencies of light - like a fingerprint. We are all unique, individual, and powerful.

At some level, we all agreed it would be more fun to experience ourselves - in the Dark.

And though it's not always comfortable to be in the Dark, anyone who has grown mentally, physically or spiritually knows that growth is not found in comfort.

So we grow, adapt...and ultimately flourish.

We acknowledge our own light and appreciate that of others and honor the dark for allowing us to be the Light.

This won't last forever, after all; even limitation is only limited by our perceptions, beliefs, and programming!

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