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Hello, Sunday, June 14th!

I'm cooking for this afternoon's Clearing Circle and potluck. Are you coming? It's at 3:00...

I've been told that anyone who is willing to show up and do this 'work,' must be nourished: it's kind of the reverse of "feed the body, feed the soul."

While preparing corn chowder, I'm listening to Melanie, who is reminding me of my great love for Rudolf Steiner - have you heard of him?

Steiner taught about the need to balance the spiritual and the physical...and this represents true freedom.

Steiner recognized Lucifer as a non-physical being of great and blinding light, who would fool people into thinking spirituality was separate from the physical - and more valuable and important. Steiner acknowledged Ahriman (sometimes referred to as Satan, from a name given back in Egyptian times) as a being who had participated in the creation of the physical (and evolved beyond it), yet would manipulate people into thinking that 'matter' is what 'mattered.'

Like Steiner, I've recognized that the true Christed path is precisely balanced between the two. They have both assisted in our evolution, so it's not about simply avoiding them, rather:

"...the truth of the matter is that Lucifer and Ahriman must be regarded as two scales of a balance and it is we who must hold the beam in equipoise. And how can we train ourselves to do this? By permeating what takes ahrimanic form within us with a strongly luciferic element." (p.34)

It requires love, light, and a great amount of inner work and awareness of how these non-physical energies/entities are vying for our attention and energy. This, of course, reinforced an understanding that came through for me a few days ago: when we know who we are and understand what our purpose is, there is really only ever one choice for us in each moment.

Does that sound a bit confusing?

Really, it's all about the middle path. Any choice not directly balanced between the Luciferic and Ahrimanic (in alignment with our Highest sourceSelf) will open up a plethora of other choices - which are distracting, confusing, and energy-consuming.

How do you make decisions? Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with too many choices?

Steiner believed that our choices make the difference in what plays out on earth:

"The all-essential causes of what happens on the earth do not lie outside the human being; they lie within humankind. And if earthly consciousness is to expand to cosmic consciousness, humanity must realize that the earth — not over short but over long stretches of time — is made in its own likeness, in the likeness of humanity itself" (p.83)

Which is what Christ stated (Luke 17:21): "the Kingdom of God lies within you."

So, there it is: food for thought, food for the soul - and food for the body, should you join us today!

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