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The Void

It's Sunday, August 16th at 10:00 pm. I am exhausted in a good way.

As it turns out, the Universe has a way of arranging and rearranging things much more efficiently than I could imagine from my limited perspective. On this day of Gene Key 29: Leaping Into The Void a group of whole-hearted, committed Human Beings returned to Dream Barn Hollow for some powerful energy work.

After a group meditation, clearings, and traveling from one sacred location to the next, we shifted levels of energy that even impacted the weather.

Cold sprinkles gave way to warmth and sun.

As if to further confirm and validate the work, this beautiful mushroom presented itself!

So applause of white ruffles.

(I wasn't sure what you know?)

It was such a blessing, too, to have music accompany this adventure: A. Michelle played a lovely flute, which echoed melodically through the area.

What is your instrument?

Before you tell me you don't play one - I'll remind you, you can always hum!

(This also calms the Vagus nerve, remember?)

And when Qashara pulled this card to share at the last stop, my jaw dropped: there were also 9 women in this group today.

At that point, we were completely ready to 'go back and refresh.'

Later, around the fire, an awareness of the importance of names & identity surfaced.

Do you love your name? Does it resonate with you and do you identify with it at every level of your being?

I'm not sure who wanted us to be aware that this is an important question, as we move forward as a collective. I guess I will need to sleep on it!

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