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The Ides of March

It's Monday, March 15, 2021. It's a '5' day, numerologically (which is about change and welcoming 'the new') and a 'leaf' day... so how about some sauerkraut? Or kombucha?

I remembered part of a very lucid dream this morning, which evoked emotions that many Light Workers are feeling right now: frustration, indignation, and confusion. It was a dream about accommodating a friend, who was in my space, taking up time and resources that were (in my humble opinion) deriving other folks of what they needed, while she was focused on non-essential, irrelevant issues.

Ha!! How funny is that? A direct message from MY HIGHER SELF?! Maybe....?

Am I focusing on what is essential? Am I finding ways to feed my soul? Am I living my Human Design?

A year ago today I was flying down to Florida to drive my friend Isabel and her 'animal family' back up north. It's a crazy memory blur of 30 hours driving...just as the whole CoVid fear was starting. At the time, I knew that this was exactly where I needed to be, doing what needed to be done. It was also thoroughly physically exhausting!

Today I had a Q17 session with a lovely woman in Texas. This work is not as much physically exhausting, as it is mentally, emotionally, and energetically challenging; it's about listening between the words to feel the frequencies that ancestors are requesting be released.

It's a different journey with the same elements: enter, shift, and return.

The essential work is still getting done - just in a different way.

Always, though, with Divine Guidance!

Today is Gate 36:Line 4 - Espionage "Exaltation: The ability to prepare for and anticipate decline through the accumulation of secret or privileged information. The realization that knowledge both covert and esoteric is necessary, if one is to be prepared for crisis and change."

So.... need to fear the "Ides of March" - anymore.

I am so grateful for 'privileged information' from my Higher Self. Whether it comes in the form of dreams, 'coincidences,' or other signs, I trust that I am ready for crisis and change.

It is all part of the journey!

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