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The Gloaming

It's Monday, August 17th. Today's Gate 29, line 2 was really about: the power of sustainment as a guiding light. Saying yes and the power to persevere.

It was a full day that felt satisfying to me in all the ways Gate 29 does (yes, I have this Gate) without knowing exactly what it was that I am/was persevering towards...

Now I'm at the end of the day.

The 'gloaming.'

Isn't that a terrific word?

Synonyms are 'twilight' or 'dusk.'

The air has gotten a little brisk and I'm taking a moment to center myself, mindfully walking through the gardens....

This is the time when the air is thick and fall feels imminent. The darkening sky makes the colors blend and pop.

Working with different folks this weekend brought some interesting information to light:

  • Directions will shift in 2-3 weeks

  • It will be important to recognize how you work by yourself; then within a small group - and then as the small group within a larger group (picture the neurons in your brain - those that fire together wire together)...or like sets of gears

  • It's a rebalancing act of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine within every individual; both of these aspects will come into play within relationships, bringing any imbalance to light....

There were so many great questions this weekend - it was fascinating hearing myself giving answers!

A few things (among others) that arose for clearing were:

  • Lack of closure due to denial of endings

  • Inability to seeing opportunities and new beginnings that are being presented as endings

What is showing up for you?

Are you recognizing the gloaming of this season? This era? This lifestyle?

Are you mentally, physically, and emotionally resilient, when flexibility is required and change happens?

Can you see the beauty in and of fading daylight?

I'm already looking forward to sleep - to dream my new day into existence!

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