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'The Game'

It's Monday, April 5th...Happy Birthday, Bryn!

It's a '5' day, numerologically (welcome change!) and a 'root' day, biodynamically (potato salad? carrot cake?). Tomorrow is a 'root' day, too.

It's late at this point, as I've been running full speed ahead today...a bit of bathroom remodeling, setting up the classroom/party space, digging out the fire pit, raking.

It was all a bit of a dance. Especially the raking!

As I raked, leaves would get tossed into the breeze; almost like the wind was daring me to continue the futile job of cleaning out the garden beds....

Then, folks began to arrive.

I love parties for so many reasons! Especially now, when we need to have fun.

And luckily friends bring unsuspecting other friends who have not yet played 'The Game.'

This evening of hilarity did not disappoint.

Check out how quickly the first three pages of this phrase went south....

Seems like the perfect image for Gate 51:

"The Gate of Shock, is the energy for Individual initiative. Backed by the ego's will and courage, it embodies the power to compete, driving us to be one step ahead of everybody, and to risk going where no one else has gone in order to find or create a place for ourselves."

I am quite ready for co-creating more fun with anyone willing to show up - and this game is my all time favorite!

Wanna play?

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