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The AfterMath

It's Friday, May 28th. It's an '11' day, numerologically (and 11:11pm, as I write this) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically. I was so happy to be in the garden for most of today, planting beans, eggplants, and tomatoes.

I also finished raking up piles of weeds from yesterday - and having another fire.

There is definitely a component of working with the elements on many levels right now; as soon as the fire was finished, the rain started.

I laughed when my first guest arrived for Fun Friday and pointed this out. Good thing I'm not made of sugar, huh?

I was still determinedly (stubbornly?) plunking plants into holes.

It was lovely to connect for food and conversation. I'm always curious to hear how everyone is navigating their every day life, while creating and holding a vision of a better world.

This is also the energy of "Gate 16:Line 3 - Independence Self-generating and sustaining enthusiasm. Exaltation: The proper timing to maintain rhythm and avoid deflation. The independent skill and possible talent to express proper timing and rhythm."

Now I'll be washing dishes and listening to Really Graceful. I do love her style!

Also, she hasn't stopped asking questions....

What questions are you asking?

How are you self-generating and sustaining your enthusiasm?

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