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It's Wednesday, June 2nd. It's a '4' day, numerologically (did you wear green? Or pink?) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically.

I headed over to Rushton's Farm early this morning - I loved seeing all of the cows in the bright sunshine.

And heading home, it was interesting to notice the vast amount of chemtrails lining the sky. But these? Not chemtrails...

These were some of the daytime fireworks that were sparked during some National Guard exercises. The fighter jets sounded pretty thunderous!

After getting the trash/recycling done, I headed over to Claremont to pay a few bills - and, once there, remembered it was Wednesday. This is the day to purchase feeder fish from the Pet Store: 50 for $5.

I never intend for them to be 'feeder fish,' however, the heron must think my pond is his own buffet.

There was a certain period of acclimation - and then they were free!

The late afternoon sun gave me a chance to mow - and then, an unexpected visitor arrived (right before my son, Mark) and so did the rain.

It's easy for me to forget there are folks, who dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist.

What do I do, when they aren't open to listen to any thoughts other than the Psyop Narrative? Like 'teslaphoresis'?

Or look at how it may be playing a role in the coming 'Zombie Apocalypse'?


I consider the energy for today: "Gate 35:Line 2 - Creative block Lack of inspiration which stops progress. Exaltation: Attunement with the vagaries of the muse and the recognition, creativity is energy that ebbs and flows. Creativity and the muse will always come and go."

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