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It's Thursday, July 30 and I woke up at 5:00. Happy Birthday, Stacey!

The sky was beautiful! The air was mellow and I was so moved by the color...

Isn't that lovely?

It's magical and moving; expansive and awe-inspiring.

It allows me to remember that I am part of something bigger, something magnificent: not Man-made; rather Nature in her finest.

Looking back, I realize that as I was standing there in that moment of ethereal glory, I was able to establish enough coherence to "charge up" my emotional baseline.

That was helpful when my Mac didn't start this morning!

How lucky am I to have a neighbor AND a son who are both tech geniuses??

Since I still needed to get to a zoom class before the issue was corrected, I pulled out the PC. I can *%$# adapt, right?

Running the Mac repair program in the background, I contacted my son.

Me: ...Ummm. Is this supposed to be saying:

"Too many corpses being created"?!

Mark: Yeah, that is just programming lingo.

Needless to say, I found this a little disturbing on multiple levels.

I choose color! I choose nature! I choose life!

Can it please be time to move out of the Black Box program of death and back outside?


Even five minutes makes a difference...bare feet on the ground. Sunshine.

Are you aware of the impact technology has on you? Do you have a pair of blue light glasses? Are you able to take break?

I'm really noticing this week that my screen-time to nature ratio is highly imbalanced. It's good to have contrast. It confirms what feels right.

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