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It's Saturday, May 22nd. It's a '5' day, numerologically (did you receive any wonderful surprise?) and a 'root' day, biodynamically. It was a low-key morning of energy work...and then some powerful visualization of what might be showing up in the next few months.

More than anything right now, it seems important to hold the vision of how to maintain a high Self-Resonant well as see how our current work might be adapted to assist in the healing of others.

This requires TeamWork.

It's really just the process of showing up - even without a clear understanding of what it is we're there for...and then being willing to move in that moment, as Spirit brings insight.

Each question brings further elucidation...

...each action, response, and insight brings new questions. And every person holds a piece of the puzzle!

It was time to say good-bye to the heart rocks, the shark rock (isn't that fun?), and then start the drive back...

Fortunately, there was a quick stop at Bob's Clam Hut for fish and chips (yes, you know those sweet potato fries tasted so good - root day, and all) Seafood tastes best while on the coast!

On the last leg of the drive, I considered the plan for tomorrow...Geomancy in Brattleboro on the third 5.5.5 portal.

This, too, will require TeamWork. We must remember we are on the same team, working together (yet honoring our individual roles) towards elevating the area.

Will everyone come with this awareness?

What impact will we make?

How will we know that we've created positive change?

"Gate 20: Line 3 - Self-awareness Understanding derived from analysis of personal actions and effects. Exaltation: The proper attunement and development of the personality through selfconsciousness. The expression of self-conscious awareness in the now."

Isn't it amazing how supported we are by the energy at this time?

Will you be joining us?

Even if it's not in person....please send some joyful vibes from wherever you are!

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