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It's September 2nd - and the Full Corn Moon.

Joan brought some special and ancient corn to celebrate.

It struck me as auspicious that I had also made a yummy tomato soup with corn, peppers, and onions...

It was that kind of gray day!

What is your favorite rainy day activity?

Although it might have been tempting to stay cozy, we did take a trip to the stones.

It felt a bit like time-traveling to me...because this is the type of weather that is very reminiscent of growing up in Germany: misty, foggy, damp.

Chilled, we came back for some hot soup, lemon balm tea, and fruit salad...spent a bit of time talking - and then they left!

Then, I looked at all of the produce that has been waiting patiently for me to address it.

Do you have a favorite food memory? Something that takes you back to childhood - or a happy time?

I think spicy tomato jam does that for me.

Have you ever heard of it? Tried it?

Really, I thought I might make salsa this year...and this evening, I found myself making this, instead.

It's a bit of a process.

The flavors are complex and delicious: sweet, spicy, gingery...

Really, this is my preferred condiment; I'll take it over ketchup any day!

As I cut, measured, and cooked, I considered how our tastes change.

Can you think of something that you enjoy now, that you didn't love as a child?

Or vice versa?

Is it easy for you to try tasting/eating new things? What does it take to get you to try something?

How about thinking new thoughts? How easily do you navigate the new?

Again, it's all just food for thought....

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