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Do you love surprises?

It's Friday, June 19th and I slept in this morning. That was a surprise!

I had three voice mail messages - including one from Debbie, who was bringing dinner up. That was a surprise!

When I looked for my zoom link for meeting with my course instructor - and found none - that was a surprise! When I called her - and we made that the meeting - that was a surprise!

I checked my little Moringa seeds and saw that some had finally sprouted - that was a surprise!

(It was exciting to transplant them - it was a root day. Such Divine and Perfect Timing.)

There were a number of other small surprises...really, I have gotten quite comfortable with accepting surprises!

One favorite part of the day was having Cortney visiting while finishing a Clearing Session over the phone, as Debbie arrived; the synchronicity of it, the conversation that flowed, and the wisdom that came through was absolutely amazing.

I don't think I could have orchestrated it better if I had tried!

Debbie brought a lovely Caprese salad for supper, which we ate outside.

We followed that with a fire and some more insights - I am so grateful to honor my Human Design and be in response to questions...

some fascinating answers come through - more surprises!

As little twinkling fireflies began to appear, like stars that had taken on a life of their own, I realized it was time for me to call it a day.

Walking back up to the barn from the firepit, I marveled at the solar light design making magical patterns in the foliage.

This is a time of re-programming everything we have been taught about how we live, learn, create, etc.

Are you ready to experience everything as a surprise? Can you stay in acceptance, joy, and gratitude around how things show up? Are you willing to embrace what shows up like a gift from the Universe telling a 'knock knock' joke?

I know a great knock-knock joke! You start it...

Who's there?

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