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It's Wednesday, April 21st - a '3' day, numerologically (are you embodying the joy of living?); and a 'gray' period, biodynamically. Until tomorrow evening.

Today has been a gray day in a weather sense, too. Dark, moody, oppressive clouds gave way to lightning, downpours, and freezing if the Weather Gods weren't sure how to make us the most miserable. Ha, I say, we are embodying the joy of living, which means: showing up for life in all kinds of weather!

So, after grabbing my bright, waterproof, day-glo coat (thank you, Elaine - such a terrific presi!) I headed over to work on some land/energy clearing: Geomancy.

Again, Patrick MacManaway breaks this word down as 'earth-divination,' relating to 'applied divination;' accessing the vibrational, energetic, spirit intelligence for healing the physical environment.

This location was much further along in bloom than here, at Dream Barn Hollow!

As I walked the property with its Guardians, there were numerous sensations, insights, and divining rod confirmations, with regards to balancing the elements (water, air, earth, and fire) for the Elementals (nymphs, sylphs, trolls, and salamanders).

There were also several lost, neglected and forgotten relics that were eerily hidden - and wanting to be brought to light and moved.

Some discoveries felt a bit ominous and dark, which is exactly why we scooped this little baby up to be relocated to a lighter spot.

As we begin Gene Key 27, with its (Shadow)Selfishness - (Gift)Altruism) - (Siddhi)Selflessness

...and move through the second half of this week, it will be good to remember Richard's words:

"At the siddhic level the 27th Gene Key becomes capable of miraculous healing...

Because this Siddhi draws upon the entire bio-energetic field of Gaia, it has the capacity to heal any disease or sickness, so long as the indwelling awareness is aligned more strongly with life than with death."

Pretty powerful, huh?

Can we collectively hold that intention for humanity, please? Even as Dark Things surface?

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