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Yay, it's weekend! Saturday, July 18, to be precise.

It's also the beginning of a New Gate: Gate 56 The Wanderer Gate of Stimulation: The Storyteller: Stability through movement. Perpetuation of continuity through the linking of short term activity. The idea is never a solution but is always a journey.

Richard Rudd says the 56th Gene Key is "Divine Indulgence." The shadow is Distraction; the Gift: Enrichment; and the Siddhi: Intoxication (not so much about getting drunk, rather "the divine entertainment business)

I am divinely entertained in my garden - and today is a "flower day," so I harvested Calendula and St. John's Wort.

Calendula is another amazing multi-purpose herb/flower. I'm excited to infuse it into olive oil to use in salad dressing, healing salve - and maybe (eventually) lipbalm.

It's healing externally and internally and was often used to color butter years ago.

It's also just a very happy flower to have growing in the herb garden.

Which is where I was, when my sweet neighbor stopped by to drop off a card.

We had an interesting phone call yesterday, in which I revealed that I am not taken in by the whole CoVid narrative, rather I have done my own research and realized there doctors (Dr Kaufman, Dr Zach Bush, who are confirming there is no need for fear and masks.

This is what she sent in the card, which was very thoughtful, really.

Then I noticed one of the sources they recommend as independent fact-checking experts: Snopes.

Here are some good questions from one of my favorite redheads: Grace.

It's always a really good idea to 'follow the money.'

And your heart.

How do you know if you are being a smart news consumer? How do you make your decisions?

Can you see it all as Divine Entertainment? And not get indignant at other people's storytelling and the narrative they are buying into?

Yeah, I'm still working on that, too....

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