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Stonehenge - take #3

It's Sunday, September 27th, so to celebrate Debbie's birthday, somehow (miraculously?) all of the stars aligned, and Andi, Carolyn, Annie and I joined her at America's Stonehenge in Salem, NH.

Have you heard of it? Originally, it was called Mystery Hill.

Certainly, there are some fascinating stone structures there, that seem to be aligned with the Equinox, Solstice, and other astronomical events.

It was a two-hour drive, so I headed out early!

We met at 10:00 am and started with remembering to call in Ancestral Guidance & Assistance!

There were trails and structures....

What was most interesting however was that we were first and foremost called to locations off the path and quite far away from the main stone structures...

This is where the Ancestors came in clearly for each one of us, guiding us to various energy hotspots to work collaboratively.

We worked by feeling the sensations in our bodies: the hot clammy flashes, the 'truthbumps,' the head- and muscle - aches.

As we stood together in each location, we could feel energy moving through us: often starting clockwise, then shifting to counterclockwise.

(While many energy healers have been taught that clockwise is better, I've learned that counterclockwise is 'harmonious.')

Andi realized this was like moving us out of the construct of clock (and time), period!

Have you noticed your relationship with time changing?

As we cleared (or vented?) the various vortices, it became very apparent that this was not just a group delusion....each one of us was drawn to a certain spot and each of us was needed for this work to be completed.

We would feel the heat evaporate, the aches disappear, the density dissolve.... giving almost immediate confirmation that the work was complete.

Working in groups that respect, validate, and confirm the importance of each other, the collective, and nature is where I keep hoping humanity is heading.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

For today, I am so happy to have been able to work with such amazing women!

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