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Happy Saturday, May 23rd...what is this day looking like for you?

I am thrilled that nothing was scheduled today - which means I have a date with my garden.

Biodynamically, it's a 'root' day, which is perfect for planting roots (potatoes, beets, radishes, etc.), as well as transplanting.

I started happily dividing hostas and moving them around to new locations.

This is the time of year where things blossom -seemingly from one day to the next. In wandering around planting things, I realize that there is a good chance I would have been diagnosed with ADD as a child.

There is so much beauty everywhere! And some weeds to pull here. And grasses to yank out, there.

Gotta remember to give these new transplants some water...and on my way to the hose, I remember I've got to give the chickens a drink, too.

I feel like the dog from the 2009 Pixar movie 'Up.' Did you see it? His attention would get completely hijacked - even in the middle of a conversation- if he saw a squirrel.

Somehow, with all of my to-do lists and intentions, this hither-and-yon type of process works for me.

And when I need to - I can stop and watch the bees. They seem to have a varied approach to visiting flowers, too...

They really are amazing - have you ever tried petting one? They really are soft and fuzzy!

See? I just did it again - squirrel!

Realizing this is how I work has allowed me to relax into a knowing that it will all get done - one way or another. And when I trust my attention is being drawn to what shows up in front of me - to be addressed right then, it's what I am meant to tackle.

I'll leave you with this classic:

How many people with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

...wanna go for a bike ride?

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