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Happy Sunny Sunday, March 7th. Happy Birthday, Elka...may it be memorable!!

Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit day, so I made a lovely curried squash bisque for later.

Numerologically, it's a '6' day - group work is favored today, and that is the plan!

Today, too, we are moving into the 22nd Gene Key: Grace Under Pressure

(Shadow) Dishonour - (Gift) Graciousness) -

(Siddhi) Grace.

In the Gene Keys, Richard Rudd states that all Gene Keys are influenced directly or indirectly by the 22nd Gene Key.

Here are the Corpus Christi, or 7 Sacred Bodies of Humanity (p.163):

  1. Physical

  2. Astral

  3. Mental

  4. Causal

  5. Buddhic

  6. Atmic

  7. Monadic

The 6 Core Wounds of Humanity are:

  1. Repression

  2. Denial

  3. Shame

  4. Rejection

  5. Guilt

  6. Separation

What is fascinating about these core wounds and the Gift of Graciousness, is that it's "preparing humanity to make the great leap into Freedom, the 55th Gift" (p.169.)

Today I am so delighted to have celebrated Line 1 of this Gate, as an opportunity for collective/collaborative healing with 8 Divine Souls.

The crystals that showed up in support were perfect; the cards that were drawn afterwards were powerful. There was cake and 'The Game;' there were tears and laughter.

Can you remember the last time you were so overcome with emotions of gratitude that tears leaked rivers down your face?

I have complete faith and trust that this day made energetic ripples throughout the cosmos...that was us: the SPACE Force.

Amazing Grace, indeed!

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