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Soul Food

It is Saturday, September 12th, and an intimate celebration for Birthday-Twins, Stacie and Sue: Happy Birthday!!

As is wont to happen, some fascinating topics showed up for review and discussion, including a conversation of food.

Have you ever watched the killing/ eating of an animal in the wild?

Part of the life-cycle or food chain?

Both animals are playing a role: predator and prey. It is morbidly fascinating...

And yet, I firmly believe that when we become more aware of how to properly nourish ourselves as humans, we will not be part of the food chain, the way it has been in the past.

While we think of ingesting food, there are actually other ways to ingest frequencies directly: think about being in love, or making art, or....???

I remember going for days without eating food; I was feeding my lightbody directly with the energies of love, joy, passion, etc.

Usually, we take the individual frequencies of food, combine them, and eat them.

Like today's delicious summer sandwich.

What happens when the frequencies of elements are not fully transmitted from the Mineral Kingdom to the Plant Kingdom, to the Animal Kingdom, to us?

We are not fully nourished.

This is where farmers have been pointing out our need to 'Feed the Soil.'


Additionally, I say: 'Feed your Soul.'

Understanding my connection and transmission of energy to and from each of these kingdoms has been important for exploring my multidimensionality.

It was good for me to become aware of how I was either the consumer - or being consumed.

When you are feeling fear, anger, and lower frequencies such as these, you are feeding the food chain that is rapidly reaching the end of its experience here on earth.

You may choose to stop becoming consumed by anything that 'eats you up.'

I remember the first Thrive movie was quite inspirational! Now, I am very much looking forward to the sequel.

Are you ready to feed & nourish the aspect of you that is ready to move into a healthier experience?

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