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It's Sunday, January 10th, and a sparkly, sunny day here.

We've moved into a new Gate: 61- Inner Truth "Gate of Mystery The Potential of Inner Truth is Silence; The awareness of universal underlying principles. The pressure to know the absolute truth, the mysteries of life, and to resolve the individual tension to know.

Line 1 - Occult knowledge Exaltation: A natural psychic awareness that empowers principles of universalization. The pressure to know the mysteries through esoterics."

Maybe you have become aware that there are underlying forces using occult (which means 'hidden') knowledge, rituals, and practices to keep us from understanding how powerful we are?

Their reign is coming to an end.

All things hidden are beginning to surface.

In the process of this Great Unveiling, there will be attempts and efforts to keep us confused. The internet will likely be going down...and there may be other efforts to keep things 'dark.'

Like Cal, I ascribe to the idea that, "everything is in divine order."

Gene Key 61('The Holy of Holies') has the shadow 'Psychosis,' which Rudd defines as, " any kind of mental defection or derangement.' He further elaborates, "psychosis is in fact the ordinary state of the mass consciousness of humanity in the world today" (p.490)

So many folks may experience the next few days as complete upheaval, disconnect, chaos.

As we move from 61's gift (Inspiration) into the siddhi (Sanctity), "...a huge, pregnant silence descends and all your mental activity abruptly ceases." We begin "entering the Unknowable," - "the mystery of life itself" (p.493).

If you are reading this now, today even, know there will be a time very soon, for you to enter this inner realm.

Go into your heart. Breathe deeply. Remember that YOU are ONE with the DIVINE.

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