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Six Cords

It's Sunday, June 28th and I realized today that we are halfway through this year. Wow, huh?

If this is what the first half looked like, what do you suppose the second half will bring??

That was one of the questions that ran through my mind, as I worked on stacking the final cord of firewood.

This has been a theme - get out and move those muscles! Physical labor! Built-in gym membership here!

And as I worked, I wondered if it was going to start raining. Has it rained lately where you are? Things have been so dry here. As it turned out, it did sprinkle for a bit.

As I stacked the wood, another thought drifted through: would I still be ordering and stacking wood, even if I knew I weren't going to be here next winter?

(And then I wondered: where did that thought come from?! Where would I be??)

The answer, of course, was yes.

It's for the same reason you plant a tree that you may not get to see mature...someone will certainly enjoy the fruit.

It was a meditative activity. At one point (when the rain really started) I came inside to wash some dishes and make a cup of tea.

I caught up on some phone calls and made another batch of tea for kombucha.

Then I headed back out to continue stacking and contemplating some information Cliff had shared earlier during his visit: about 'Recordkeeper' crystals.

Recordkeepers are those with a distinctive triangle either inside or outside.

When I finished as high as I could reach, I decided I was finished. It feels good. I'm ready...

For what? I don't really know...I'm just happy this piece is done.

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